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Faith FM Public Service Event Announcements

At least 10 days in advance, email your information to

Community Happenings and web postings are free services we provide for our community’s events. We try to accommodate as many appropriate events as possible. Based on the number of announcements we receive though, we cannot guarantee their airing nor provide you with the times it will air. Thus we ask that you please not follow up on your event.

An event is pre-recorded into Community Happenings which runs Monday through Friday at 7:45AM and 12:45PM. If your event gets aired, it will air at least once over three days prior to the event date.  As well, it will likely get posted on our Upcoming Events page. 

To get your event information considered for airing and potentially posted on our Event web page, we require:
Concise information (what, when, where, who):
Event name & key information
Date and Times
Contact name, phone number and email address
Link to event website (if available)

You may want to consider cost effective advertising to ensure your event gets promoted.